Judge Liu Daqun:International Criminal Law


 Course Name:

International Criminal Law


Judge Liu Daqun

 Course Arrangement:

2015/12/20 - 12/29

 Course Description:

Invited by the "2011 Plan" China Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization, the "111 Plan" Base for Evidence Science Innovation and Talent Recruitment and the Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science, the Vice- President of ICTY, Judge Liu Daqun gave lectures on International Criminal Law for our students from December 12 to 29, 2015 in China University of Political Science and Law.

Judge Liu is the Vice- President of ICTY, and before being elected the judge of ICTY, he held important positions in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Judge Liu used to be the Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica and he is the permanent representative of China in International Seabed Authority. Judge Liu has participated in the negotiations of the Rome Statute as the deputy head of the Chinese delegation and the chief negotiator. Judge Liu enjoys a very high international reputation.

This series of course included nine lectures; Judge Liu introduced the principles of International Criminal Law, the settings of International Criminal Court, genocide, war crimes, crime against humanity, crime of aggression, personal liability and the mode of the liability, and the rules of evidence and procedures.

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