Professor Man delivered a wonderful lecture at the 187th CUPL Expert Forum ---- The Constitutional Dimensions of American Evidence Law

November 5th 2015, Professor Man gave a meaningful lecture at the Expert Forum in CUPL, Research Building B211. The Vice President of CUPL, Professor Zhang Baosheng hosted the lecture. And the Vice President of CUPL, Professor Li Shuzhong, the Dean of Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Beihang University, Professor Gao Quanxi, the Director of Inner Mongolia Jianzhong Law Firm and the Vice President of All China Lawyers Association, Song Jianzhong, former President of American Bar Association and the qualified lawyer from K&L Gates law firm, Michael Greco, among others, attended the lecture.

Thomas Yunlong Man, Chinese American, J.D. from Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law, Ph. D. in American Constitutional History, Johns Hopkins University. Professor Man currently is the Professor of Practice of Peking University School of Transnational Law, adjunct Professor of “2011 Plan”, China Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization.

During the lecture, Professor Man talked about the development of Evidence Law in the unique perspective of the Constitution. Based on the topic of “the Constitutional Dimensions of American Evidence Law”, Professor explained in detail about the commonness and difference between the Constitution and Evidence Law in three parts, which were historical change, system interaction and judicial operation. Professor Man gave a really enlightening lecture to the students at present.

Professor Man pointed out that as the supreme law, the Constitution had the functions of guiding, regularizing and restricting the Evidence Law. When the constitutional principles conflicted with evidence rules, the constitutional principles were superior. But in many cases, their relationship was rather complicated. Many evidence rules provided basis for the Constitution. Also, the Constitution and Evidence Law overlapped in the history.

During the question-and-answer session, the students proposed various questions actively. And Professor Man gave very clear and meaningful answers to every single question. Professor Man’s broad knowledge and deep insight impressed both the students and teachers. The lecture ended successfully with a heated discussion.


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