Mr. David Caruso and Justice Martin Hinton Delivered a Course at CUPL on the topic of “Miscarriages of Justice in Western Legal Systems: Cause, Review and Effect”

Invited by the "2011 Plan"-China Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization, the "111 Plan" Base for Evidence Science Innovation and Talent Recruitment and the Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science, CUPL, Mr. David Caruso from the University of Adelaide and Justice Martin Hinton of the Supreme Court of South Australia successfully delivered a 36 hour course at CUPL on topic of "Miscarriages of Justice in Western Legal Systems: Cause, Review and Effect" for grduate students between May 9th and May 19th, 2016.

The University of Adelaide is a public university in South Australia. Established in 1874, it is the third oldest university in Australia. The course began with an introduction of the criminal trial system in the Common Law system. Part II of the course introduced the common law criminal appeal system. Part III of the course explored the post-conviction review process. Part IV of the course addressed bases for MOJ. Part V introduced the secondary and subsequent appeals. And Part VI of the course explored appeal analysis and arguments.

The primary object of this course is to provide students with an astute working knowledge of the miscarriages of justice in western legal systems. Mr. David Caruso and Justice Martin Hinton encouraged students to think and talk actively in class and had interesting discussions with them through the way of case study. In the last class, the whole class was divided into two groups, representing the plaintiff and defendant in an adversarial mock trial. Both parties did an excellent job in argument and debate.

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