Professor Beth Greenwood From University of California, Davis, delivered ninet great lectures on English Legal Writing

Invited by the “2011 Plan” China Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization and the Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science, CUPL, Professor Beth Greenwood from University of California, Davis, School of Law successfully delivered a two week course on topic of “English Legal Writing” for CUPL students from June 12th to June 23th, 2016.

School of Law in UC Davis, ranks NO.30 in the latest US News Ranking, is a leading academic institute in United States. This course was conducted by Professor Beth Greenwood and her assistant professor Johann Morri, which gave students a typical experience of law school in U.S..

This series lectures started from the law sources and consisted of both academic writing and professional writing. There were many discussions and interactions during the class. All the students benefited from aspects of theory and practice regarding English legal writing.

The lectures mainly focused on the following topics: 

Part I  Introduction to US Law

Part II  Methods on finding and using good sources

Part III  How to select and narrow a topic

Part IV  Large scale organization and outlining

Part V   Professional Writing

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