ISSSES 2016 Held at University of Lausanne

The 2nd International Symposium on Sino Swiss Evidence Science (ISSSES 2016) was held on September 7-9, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was co-funded by the “2011 Plan” China Collaborative Innovation Center of Judicial Civilization (CCICJC), the “111 Plan” Evidence Science Innovation Talent Introduction Base, the Key Laboratory of Evidence Law and Forensic Science under the Ministry of Education, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the NORMDECS Program and John Wiley & Sons Inc., co-sponsored by University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science (IELFS) of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), and co-organized by the “2011 Plan” Sino Swiss Evidence Science Research Center (SSESRC) and the Ecole des Sciences Criminelles (ESC), UNIL. The Executive Committee consisted of Professors Christophe Champod and Alex Biedermann from UNIL, and Professors Baosheng Zhang and Yuanfeng Wang from CUPL.

More than 40 evidence law and forensic science scholars from Switzerland, China, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand attended the Symposium, sharing their insights around “scientific evidence and judicial proof”. The participants included 15 Chinese from CUPL, Peking University, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, the National Institute of Forensic Science (Ministry of Public Security), Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangsu Police Institute and Changzhou Intermediate People’s Court. Among them, a six-member delegation led by Professor Baosheng Zhang, Co-Director of CCICJC, was from CUPL.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Laurent Moreillon, President, and Professor Olivier Ribaux, Vice President, Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration of UNIL, and Professor Baosheng Zhang delivered speeches. Professor Baosheng Zhang pointed out that, since the establishment of the “2011 Plan” SSESRC in December 2013, fruitful achievements have been made in promotion of Sino-Switzerland academic exchanges. So far, 31 Chinese scholars visited Switzerland, including 12 engaged in one-month study tour at UNIL where they exchanged intensively with their Swiss peers through working at the forensic science laboratory every day, and three Chinese students ever visited UNIL. 20 Swiss scholars visited China where they gave 32 academic lectures, one Swiss scholar attended the three-month annual exchange program at IELFS, four UNIL professors offered three forensic science courses, 36 credit hours each, for CUPL students, and two Swiss doctoral candidates completed an academic exchange program at CUPL.

Photo 1 Professor Moreillon (left), Professor Ribaux (right) and Professor Baosheng Zhang (middle) delivered speeches at the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, Professor Ronald J. Allen from the Northwestern University delivered a keynote speech on “The conceptual difficulties of specialized evidence”, followed by presentations concerning “scientific evidence and the right to a fair trial under Article 6 ECHR” by Associate Professor Joëlle Vuille from the University of Neuchatel, Professor Edward Imwinkelried from the University of California, Professor Thomas Yunlong Man from Peking University and Professor Pierre Margot from UNIL, making the venue very dynamic.

Photo 2 Keynote speakers

Then, the participants were engaged in five sessions –forensic microtraces, fingermarks and forensic imagery, forensic DNA, forensic investigation and the legal process, forensic document examination. The discussions covered not only the philosophical foundation for development of forensic science, but also specific issues concerning examination of suspected gunshot residues. The six professors from CUPL delivered wonderful speeches, marking a perfect representation in the international evidence science community.